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import re
from collections import namedtuple
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from enum import Enum
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Tuple, Union

from cereal import car
from common.conversions import Conversions as CV

MODEL_YEARS_RE = r"(?<= )((\d{4}-\d{2})|(\d{4}))(,|$)"

# Makes that lack auto-resume with stock long, and auto resume in any configuration
NO_AUTO_RESUME_STOCK_LONG = {"toyota", "gm"}

[docs]class Column(Enum): MAKE = "Make" MODEL = "Model" PACKAGE = "Supported Package" LONGITUDINAL = "ACC" FSR_LONGITUDINAL = "No ACC accel below" FSR_STEERING = "No ALC below" STEERING_TORQUE = "Steering Torque" HARNESS = "Harness"
[docs]class Star(Enum): FULL = "full" HALF = "half" EMPTY = "empty"
[docs]class Harness(Enum): nidec = "Honda Nidec" bosch_a = "Honda Bosch A" bosch_b = "Honda Bosch B" toyota = "Toyota" subaru_a = "Subaru A" subaru_b = "Subaru B" fca = "FCA" ram = "Ram" vw = "VW" j533 = "J533" hyundai_a = "Hyundai A" hyundai_b = "Hyundai B" hyundai_c = "Hyundai C" hyundai_d = "Hyundai D" hyundai_e = "Hyundai E" hyundai_f = "Hyundai F" hyundai_g = "Hyundai G" hyundai_h = "Hyundai H" hyundai_i = "Hyundai I" hyundai_j = "Hyundai J" hyundai_k = "Hyundai K" hyundai_l = "Hyundai L" hyundai_m = "Hyundai M" hyundai_n = "Hyundai N" hyundai_o = "Hyundai O" hyundai_p = "Hyundai P" hyundai_q = "Hyundai Q" custom = "Developer" obd_ii = "OBD-II" gm = "GM" nissan_a = "Nissan A" nissan_b = "Nissan B" mazda = "Mazda" ford_q3 = "Ford Q3" ford_q4 = "Ford Q4" none = "None"
CarFootnote = namedtuple("CarFootnote", ["text", "column"], defaults=[None])
[docs]def get_footnotes(footnotes: List[Enum], column: Column) -> List[Enum]: # Returns applicable footnotes given current column return [fn for fn in footnotes if fn.value.column == column]
# TODO: store years as a list
[docs]def get_year_list(years): years_list = [] if len(years) == 0: return years_list for year in years.split(','): year = year.strip() if len(year) == 4: years_list.append(str(year)) elif "-" in year and len(year) == 7: start, end = year.split("-") years_list.extend(map(str, range(int(start), int(f"20{end}") + 1))) else: raise Exception(f"Malformed year string: {years}") return years_list
[docs]def split_name(name: str) -> Tuple[str, str, str]: make, model = name.split(" ", 1) years = "" match =, model) if match is not None: years = model[match.start():] model = model[:match.start() - 1] return make, model, years
[docs]@dataclass class CarInfo: name: str package: str video_link: Optional[str] = None footnotes: List[Enum] = field(default_factory=list) min_steer_speed: Optional[float] = None min_enable_speed: Optional[float] = None harness: Enum = Harness.none
[docs] def init(self, CP: car.CarParams, all_footnotes: Dict[Enum, int]): # TODO: set all the min steer speeds in carParams and remove this if self.min_steer_speed is not None: assert CP.minSteerSpeed == 0, f"{CP.carFingerprint}: Minimum steer speed set in both CarInfo and CarParams" else: self.min_steer_speed = CP.minSteerSpeed # TODO: set all the min enable speeds in carParams correctly and remove this if self.min_enable_speed is None: self.min_enable_speed = CP.minEnableSpeed self.car_name = CP.carName self.car_fingerprint = CP.carFingerprint self.make, self.model, self.years = split_name( self.row = { Column.MAKE: self.make, Column.MODEL: self.model, Column.PACKAGE: self.package, Column.LONGITUDINAL: "openpilot" if CP.openpilotLongitudinalControl and not CP.radarOffCan else "Stock", Column.FSR_LONGITUDINAL: f"{max(self.min_enable_speed * CV.MS_TO_MPH, 0):.0f} mph", Column.FSR_STEERING: f"{max(self.min_steer_speed * CV.MS_TO_MPH, 0):.0f} mph", Column.STEERING_TORQUE: Star.EMPTY, Column.HARNESS: self.harness.value, } # Set steering torque star from max lateral acceleration assert CP.maxLateralAccel > 0.1 if CP.maxLateralAccel >= GOOD_TORQUE_THRESHOLD: self.row[Column.STEERING_TORQUE] = Star.FULL self.all_footnotes = all_footnotes self.year_list = get_year_list(self.years) self.detail_sentence = self.get_detail_sentence(CP) return self
[docs] def get_detail_sentence(self, CP): if not CP.notCar: sentence_builder = "openpilot upgrades your <strong>{car_model}</strong> with automated lane centering{alc} and adaptive cruise control{acc}." if self.min_steer_speed > self.min_enable_speed: alc = f" <strong>above {self.min_steer_speed * CV.MS_TO_MPH:.0f} mph</strong>," if self.min_steer_speed > 0 else " <strong>at all speeds</strong>," else: alc = "" # Exception for cars which do not auto-resume yet acc = "" if self.min_enable_speed > 0: acc = f" <strong>while driving above {self.min_enable_speed * CV.MS_TO_MPH:.0f} mph</strong>" elif CP.carName not in NO_AUTO_RESUME or (CP.carName in NO_AUTO_RESUME_STOCK_LONG and CP.openpilotLongitudinalControl): acc = " <strong>that automatically resumes from a stop</strong>" if self.row[Column.STEERING_TORQUE] != Star.FULL: sentence_builder += " This car may not be able to take tight turns on its own." return sentence_builder.format(car_model=f"{self.make} {self.model}", alc=alc, acc=acc) else: if CP.carFingerprint == "COMMA BODY": return "The body is a robotics dev kit that can run openpilot. <a href=''>Learn more.</a>" else: raise Exception(f"This notCar does not have a detail sentence: {CP.carFingerprint}")
[docs] def get_column(self, column: Column, star_icon: str, footnote_tag: str) -> str: item: Union[str, Star] = self.row[column] if isinstance(item, Star): item = star_icon.format(item.value) elif column == Column.MODEL and len(self.years): item += f" {self.years}" footnotes = get_footnotes(self.footnotes, column) if len(footnotes): sups = sorted([self.all_footnotes[fn] for fn in footnotes]) item += footnote_tag.format(f'{",".join(map(str, sups))}') return item