Source code for selfdrive.controls.lib.alertmanager

import copy
import os
import json
from collections import defaultdict
from dataclasses import dataclass

from openpilot.common.basedir import BASEDIR
from openpilot.common.params import Params
from import Alert

with open(os.path.join(BASEDIR, "selfdrive/controls/lib/alerts_offroad.json")) as f:
  OFFROAD_ALERTS = json.load(f)

[docs] def set_offroad_alert(alert: str, show_alert: bool, extra_text: str = None) -> None: if show_alert: a = copy.copy(OFFROAD_ALERTS[alert]) a['extra'] = extra_text or '' Params().put(alert, json.dumps(a)) else: Params().remove(alert)
[docs] @dataclass class AlertEntry: alert: Alert | None = None start_frame: int = -1 end_frame: int = -1
[docs] def active(self, frame: int) -> bool: return frame <= self.end_frame
[docs] class AlertManager: def __init__(self): self.alerts: dict[str, AlertEntry] = defaultdict(AlertEntry)
[docs] def add_many(self, frame: int, alerts: list[Alert]) -> None: for alert in alerts: entry = self.alerts[alert.alert_type] entry.alert = alert if not entry.start_frame = frame min_end_frame = entry.start_frame + alert.duration entry.end_frame = max(frame + 1, min_end_frame)
[docs] def process_alerts(self, frame: int, clear_event_types: set) -> Alert | None: current_alert = AlertEntry() for v in self.alerts.values(): if not v.alert: continue if v.alert.event_type in clear_event_types: v.end_frame = -1 # sort by priority first and then by start_frame greater = current_alert.alert is None or (v.alert.priority, v.start_frame) > (current_alert.alert.priority, current_alert.start_frame) if and greater: current_alert = v return current_alert.alert