Source code for selfdrive.loggerd.uploader

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import bz2
import io
import json
import os
import random
import requests
import threading
import time
import traceback
from pathlib import Path

from cereal import log
import cereal.messaging as messaging
from common.api import Api
from common.params import Params
from common.realtime import set_core_affinity
from system.hardware import TICI
from selfdrive.loggerd.xattr_cache import getxattr, setxattr
from selfdrive.loggerd.config import ROOT
from system.swaglog import cloudlog

NetworkType = log.DeviceState.NetworkType
UPLOAD_ATTR_NAME = 'user.upload'


allow_sleep = bool(os.getenv("UPLOADER_SLEEP", "1"))
force_wifi = os.getenv("FORCEWIFI") is not None
fake_upload = os.getenv("FAKEUPLOAD") is not None

[docs]def get_directory_sort(d): return list(map(lambda s: s.rjust(10, '0'), d.rsplit('--', 1)))
[docs]def listdir_by_creation(d): try: paths = os.listdir(d) paths = sorted(paths, key=get_directory_sort) return paths except OSError: cloudlog.exception("listdir_by_creation failed") return list()
[docs]def clear_locks(root): for logname in os.listdir(root): path = os.path.join(root, logname) try: for fname in os.listdir(path): if fname.endswith(".lock"): os.unlink(os.path.join(path, fname)) except OSError: cloudlog.exception("clear_locks failed")
[docs]class Uploader(): def __init__(self, dongle_id, root): self.dongle_id = dongle_id self.api = Api(dongle_id) self.root = root self.upload_thread = None self.last_resp = None self.last_exc = None self.immediate_size = 0 self.immediate_count = 0 # stats for last successfully uploaded file self.last_time = 0.0 self.last_speed = 0.0 self.last_filename = "" self.immediate_folders = ["crash/", "boot/"] self.immediate_priority = {"qlog": 0, "qlog.bz2": 0, "qcamera.ts": 1}
[docs] def get_upload_sort(self, name): if name in self.immediate_priority: return self.immediate_priority[name] return 1000
[docs] def list_upload_files(self): if not os.path.isdir(self.root): return self.immediate_size = 0 self.immediate_count = 0 for logname in listdir_by_creation(self.root): path = os.path.join(self.root, logname) try: names = os.listdir(path) except OSError: continue if any(name.endswith(".lock") for name in names): continue for name in sorted(names, key=self.get_upload_sort): key = os.path.join(logname, name) fn = os.path.join(path, name) # skip files already uploaded try: is_uploaded = getxattr(fn, UPLOAD_ATTR_NAME) except OSError: cloudlog.event("uploader_getxattr_failed", exc=self.last_exc, key=key, fn=fn) is_uploaded = True # deleter could have deleted if is_uploaded: continue try: if name in self.immediate_priority: self.immediate_count += 1 self.immediate_size += os.path.getsize(fn) except OSError: pass yield (name, key, fn)
[docs] def next_file_to_upload(self): upload_files = list(self.list_upload_files()) for name, key, fn in upload_files: if any(f in fn for f in self.immediate_folders): return (name, key, fn) for name, key, fn in upload_files: if name in self.immediate_priority: return (name, key, fn) return None
[docs] def do_upload(self, key, fn): try: url_resp = self.api.get("v1.4/" + self.dongle_id + "/upload_url/", timeout=10, path=key, access_token=self.api.get_token()) if url_resp.status_code == 412: self.last_resp = url_resp return url_resp_json = json.loads(url_resp.text) url = url_resp_json['url'] headers = url_resp_json['headers'] cloudlog.debug("upload_url v1.4 %s %s", url, str(headers)) if fake_upload: cloudlog.debug(f"*** WARNING, THIS IS A FAKE UPLOAD TO {url} ***") class FakeResponse(): def __init__(self): self.status_code = 200 self.last_resp = FakeResponse() else: with open(fn, "rb") as f: if key.endswith('.bz2') and not fn.endswith('.bz2'): data = bz2.compress( data = io.BytesIO(data) else: data = f self.last_resp = requests.put(url, data=data, headers=headers, timeout=10) except Exception as e: self.last_exc = (e, traceback.format_exc()) raise
[docs] def normal_upload(self, key, fn): self.last_resp = None self.last_exc = None try: self.do_upload(key, fn) except Exception: pass return self.last_resp
[docs] def upload(self, name, key, fn, network_type, metered): try: sz = os.path.getsize(fn) except OSError: cloudlog.exception("upload: getsize failed") return False cloudlog.event("upload_start", key=key, fn=fn, sz=sz, network_type=network_type, metered=metered) if sz == 0: # tag files of 0 size as uploaded success = True elif name in self.immediate_priority and sz > UPLOAD_QLOG_QCAM_MAX_SIZE: cloudlog.event("uploader_too_large", key=key, fn=fn, sz=sz) success = True else: start_time = time.monotonic() stat = self.normal_upload(key, fn) if stat is not None and stat.status_code in (200, 201, 401, 403, 412): self.last_filename = fn self.last_time = time.monotonic() - start_time self.last_speed = (sz / 1e6) / self.last_time success = True cloudlog.event("upload_success" if stat.status_code != 412 else "upload_ignored", key=key, fn=fn, sz=sz, network_type=network_type, metered=metered) else: success = False cloudlog.event("upload_failed", stat=stat, exc=self.last_exc, key=key, fn=fn, sz=sz, network_type=network_type, metered=metered) if success: # tag file as uploaded try: setxattr(fn, UPLOAD_ATTR_NAME, UPLOAD_ATTR_VALUE) except OSError: cloudlog.event("uploader_setxattr_failed", exc=self.last_exc, key=key, fn=fn, sz=sz) return success
[docs] def get_msg(self): msg = messaging.new_message("uploaderState") us = msg.uploaderState us.immediateQueueSize = int(self.immediate_size / 1e6) us.immediateQueueCount = self.immediate_count us.lastTime = self.last_time us.lastSpeed = self.last_speed us.lastFilename = self.last_filename return msg
[docs]def uploader_fn(exit_event): try: set_core_affinity([0, 1, 2, 3]) except Exception: cloudlog.exception("failed to set core affinity") clear_locks(ROOT) params = Params() dongle_id = params.get("DongleId", encoding='utf8') if dongle_id is None:"uploader missing dongle_id") raise Exception("uploader can't start without dongle id") if TICI and not Path("/data/media").is_mount(): cloudlog.warning("NVME not mounted") sm = messaging.SubMaster(['deviceState']) pm = messaging.PubMaster(['uploaderState']) uploader = Uploader(dongle_id, ROOT) backoff = 0.1 while not exit_event.is_set(): sm.update(0) offroad = params.get_bool("IsOffroad") network_type = sm['deviceState'].networkType if not force_wifi else NetworkType.wifi if network_type == NetworkType.none: if allow_sleep: time.sleep(60 if offroad else 5) continue d = uploader.next_file_to_upload() if d is None: # Nothing to upload if allow_sleep: time.sleep(60 if offroad else 5) continue name, key, fn = d # qlogs and bootlogs need to be compressed before uploading if key.endswith(('qlog', 'rlog')) or (key.startswith('boot/') and not key.endswith('.bz2')): key += ".bz2" success = uploader.upload(name, key, fn, sm['deviceState'].networkType.raw, sm['deviceState'].networkMetered) if success: backoff = 0.1 elif allow_sleep:"upload backoff %r", backoff) time.sleep(backoff + random.uniform(0, backoff)) backoff = min(backoff*2, 120) pm.send("uploaderState", uploader.get_msg())
[docs]def main(): uploader_fn(threading.Event())
if __name__ == "__main__": main()