Process replay

Process replay is a regression test designed to identify any changes in the output of a process. This test replays a segment through individual processes and compares the output to a known good replay. Each make is represented in the test with a segment.

If the test fails, make sure that you didn’t unintentionally change anything. If there are intentional changes, the reference logs will be updated.

Use to run the test locally. Use FILEREADER_CACHE='1' to cache log files.

Currently the following processes are tested:

  • controlsd

  • radard

  • plannerd

  • calibrationd

  • dmonitoringd

  • locationd

  • laikad

  • paramsd

  • ubloxd


Usage: [-h] [--whitelist-procs PROCS] [--whitelist-cars CARS] [--blacklist-procs PROCS]
                         [--blacklist-cars CARS] [--ignore-fields FIELDS] [--ignore-msgs MSGS] [--update-refs] [--upload-only]
Regression test to identify changes in a process's output
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --whitelist-procs PROCS               Whitelist given processes from the test (e.g. controlsd)
  --whitelist-cars WHITELIST_CARS       Whitelist given cars from the test (e.g. HONDA)
  --blacklist-procs BLACKLIST_PROCS     Blacklist given processes from the test (e.g. controlsd)
  --blacklist-cars BLACKLIST_CARS       Blacklist given cars from the test (e.g. HONDA)
  --ignore-fields IGNORE_FIELDS         Extra fields or msgs to ignore (e.g.
  --ignore-msgs IGNORE_MSGS             Msgs to ignore (e.g. carEvents)
  --update-refs                         Updates reference logs using current commit
  --upload-only                         Skips testing processes and uploads logs from previous test run


openpilot forks can use this test with their own reference logs, by default saves logs locally.

To generate new logs:


Then, check in the new logs using git-lfs. Make sure to also update the ref_commit file to the current commit.