openpilot records routes in one minute chunks called segments. A route starts on the rising edge of ignition and ends on the falling edge.

Check out our python library for reading openpilot logs. Also checkout our tools to replay and view your data. These are the same tools we use to debug and develop openpilot.

log types

For each segment, openpilot records the following log types:


rlogs contain all the messages passed amongst openpilot’s processes. See cereal/services.py for a list of all the logged services. They’re a bzip2 archive of the serialized capnproto messages.


Each camera stream is H.265 encoded and written to its respective file.

  • fcamera.hevc is the road camera

  • ecamera.hevc is the wide road camera

  • dcamera.hevc is the driver camera

qlog.bz2 & qcamera.ts

qlogs are a decimated subset of the rlogs. Check out cereal/services.py for the decimation.

qcameras are H.264 encoded, lower res versions of the fcamera.hevc. The video shown in comma connect is from the qcameras.

qlogs and qcameras are designed to be small enough to upload instantly on slow internet and store forever, yet useful enough for most analysis and debugging.