Welcome to the first part of the comma CTF!

  • all the flags are contained in this route: 0c7f0c7f0c7f0c7f|2021-10-13--13-00-00

  • there’s 2 flags in each segment, with roughly increasing difficulty

  • everything you’ll need to find the flags is in the openpilot repo

    • grep is also your friend

    • first, setup your PC

    • read the docs & checkout out the tools in tools/ and selfdrive/debug/

    • tip: once you get the replay and UI up, start by familiarizing yourself with seeking in replay

getting started

# start the route reply
cd tools/replay
./replay '0c7f0c7f0c7f0c7f|2021-10-13--13-00-00' --dcam --ecam

# start the UI in another terminal