openpilot tools

System Requirements

openpilot is developed and tested on Ubuntu 20.04, which is the primary development target aside from the supported embedded hardware. We also have a CI test to verify that openpilot builds on macOS, but the tools are untested. For the best experience, stick to Ubuntu 20.04, otherwise openpilot and the tools should work with minimal to no modifications on macOS and other Linux systems.

Setup your PC

First, clone openpilot:

cd ~
git clone

cd openpilot
git submodule update --init

Then, run the setup script:

# for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

# for macOS

Activate a shell with the Python dependencies installed:

cd openpilot && poetry shell

Build openpilot with this command:

scons -u -j$(nproc)


Neither openpilot nor any of the tools are developed or tested on Windows, but the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) should get Windows users a similar experience to Ubuntu. WSL 2 specifically has been reported by several users to be a seamless experience.

Follow these instructions to setup the WSL and install the Ubuntu-20.04 distribution. Once your Ubuntu WSL environment is setup, follow the Linux setup instructions to finish setting up your environment.

GUI applications do not work with WSL out of the box. You will have to either upgrade your system to Windows 11 or set up an Xorg server.


Learn about the openpilot ecosystem and tools by playing our CTF.

Directory Structure

├──     # Setup script for Ubuntu
├──        # Setup script for macOS
├── joystick/           # Control your car with a joystick
├── lib/                # Libraries to support the tools and reading openpilot logs
├── plotjuggler/        # A tool to plot openpilot logs
├── replay/             # Replay drives and mock openpilot services
├── scripts/            # Miscellaneous scripts
├── serial/             # Tools for using the comma serial
├── sim/                # Run openpilot in a simulator
├── ssh/                # SSH into a comma device
└── webcam/             # Run openpilot on a PC with webcams