Cabana is a tool developed to view raw CAN data. One use for this is creating and editing CAN Dictionaries (DBC files), and the tool provides direct integration with commaai/opendbc (a collection of DBC files), allowing you to load the DBC files direct from source, and save to your fork. In addition, you can load routes from comma connect.

Usage Instructions

$ ./cabana -h
Usage: ./_cabana [options] route

  -h, --help             Displays this help.
  --demo                 use a demo route instead of providing your own
  --qcam                 load qcamera
  --ecam                 load wide road camera
  --stream               read can messages from live streaming
  --zmq <zmq>            the ip address on which to receive zmq messages
  --data_dir <data_dir>  local directory with routes
  --no-vipc              do not output video
  --dbc <dbc>            dbc file to open

  route                  the drive to replay. find your drives at

See openpilot wiki