Run openpilot with webcam on PC

What’s needed:

  • Ubuntu 20.04

  • GPU (recommended)

  • Two USB webcams, at least 720p and 78 degrees FOV (e.g. Logitech C920/C615)

  • Car harness with black panda to connect to your car

  • Panda paw or USB-A to USB-A cable to connect panda to your computer That’s it!

Setup openpilot

cd ~
git clone
  • Follow this readme to install the requirements

  • Add line “export PYTHONPATH=$HOME/openpilot” to your ~/.bashrc

  • Install tensorflow 2.2 and nvidia drivers: nvidia-xxx/cuda10.0/cudnn7.6.5

  • Install OpenCL Driver

  • Install OpenCV4 (ignore the Python part)

Build openpilot for webcam

cd ~/openpilot
USE_WEBCAM=1 scons -j$(nproc)

Connect the hardware

  • Connect the road facing camera first, then the driver facing camera

  • (default indexes are 1 and 2; can be modified in system/camerad/cameras/

  • Connect your computer to panda


cd ~/openpilot/selfdrive/manager
  • Start the car, then the UI should show the road webcam’s view

  • Adjust and secure the webcams (you can run tools/webcam/ to help mount the driver camera)

  • Finish calibration and engage!