Replay driving data

replay replays all the messages logged while running openpilot.

# Log in via browser to have access to routes from your comma account
python tools/lib/

# Start a replay
tools/replay/replay <route-name>

# Example:
tools/replay/replay 'a2a0ccea32023010|2023-07-27--13-01-19'
# or use --demo to replay the default demo route:
tools/replay/replay --demo

# watch the replay with the normal openpilot UI
cd selfdrive/ui && ./ui

# or try out a debug visualizer:
python replay/


$ tools/replay/replay -h
Usage: tools/replay/replay [options] route
Mock openpilot components by publishing logged messages.

  -h, --help             Displays this help.
  -a, --allow <allow>    whitelist of services to send
  -b, --block <block>    blacklist of services to send
  -s, --start <seconds>  start from <seconds>
  --demo                 use a demo route instead of providing your own
  --dcam                 load driver camera
  --ecam                 load wide road camera

  route                  the drive to replay. find your drives at


watch all three cameras simultaneously from your comma three routes with watch3

simply replay a route using the --dcam and --ecam flags:

# start a replay
cd tools/replay && ./replay --demo --dcam --ecam

# then start watch3
cd selfdrive/ui && ./watch3

Stream CAN messages to your device

Replay CAN messages as they were recorded using a panda jungle. The jungle has 6x OBD-C ports for connecting all your comma devices. Check out the jungle repo for more info.

In order to run your device as if it was in a car:

  • connect a panda jungle to your PC

  • connect a comma device or panda to the jungle via OBD-C

  • run

batman:replay$ ./ -h
usage: [-h] [route_or_segment_name]

Replay CAN messages from a route to all connected pandas and jungles
in a loop.

positional arguments:
                        The route or segment name to replay. If not
                        specified, a default public route will be
                        used. (default: None)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit