openpilot in simulator

openpilot implements a bridge that allows it to run in the CARLA simulator.

System Requirements

openpilot doesn’t have any extreme hardware requirements, however CARLA requires an NVIDIA graphics card and is very resource-intensive and may not run smoothly on your system. For this case, we have a low quality mode you can activate by running:

./ --low_quality

You can also check out the CARLA python documentation to find more parameters to tune that might increase performance on your system.

Running the simulator

First, start the CARLA server in one terminal.


Then, start the bridge and openpilot in another terminal.


To engage openpilot press 1 a few times while focused on to increase the cruise speed.


You can control openpilot driving in the simulation with the following keys




Cruise up 5 mph


Cruise down 5 mph


Cruise cancel


Exit all

To see the options for changing the environment, such as the town, spawn point or precipitation, you can run ./ --help. This will print the help output inside the docker container. You need to exit the docker container before running ./ again.

Further Reading

The following resources contain more details and troubleshooting tips.