openpilot in simulator

openpilot implements a bridge that allows it to run in the CARLA simulator.

System Requirements

openpilot doesn’t have any extreme hardware requirements, however CARLA requires an NVIDIA graphics card and is very resource-intensive and may not run smoothly on your system. For this case, we have the simulator in low quality by default.

You can also check out the CARLA python documentation to find more parameters to tune that might increase performance on your system.

Running the simulator

Start Carla simulator, openpilot and bridge processes located in tools/sim:

# Terminal 1

# Terminal 2 - Run openpilot and bridge in one Docker:

# Running the latest local code execute
    # Terminal 2:
    # Terminal 3

Bridge usage

Same commands hold for start_openpilot_docker

$ ./ -h
Usage: [options]
Bridge between CARLA and openpilot.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --joystick            Use joystick input to control the car
  --high_quality        Set simulator to higher quality (requires good GPU)
  --town TOWN           Select map to drive in
  --spawn_point NUM     Number of the spawn point to start in
  --host HOST           Host address of Carla client ( as default)
  --port PORT           Port of Carla client (2000 as default)

To engage openpilot press 1 a few times while focused on to increase the cruise speed. All inputs:




Cruise up 1 mph


Cruise down 1 mph


Cruise cancel


Exit all


Control manually

Further Reading

The following resources contain more details and troubleshooting tips.